Awaiting for Result Vs Getting marriage arranged

Waiting for Result is just similar to getting marriage arranged. In both the cases suspense is being created as well as excitement is not least too. As we know both are representative in nature i.e. A spouse is representative of his/her spouse while Result represents the student. It is certain that your parents would have arranged your marriage keeping you in mind as well as examiner would also have given you the deserved result. Although there is excitement of being happy as well as fear of being cheated. Your further life depends on these crucial decision. If you get desired spouse or result then your life ahead gonna be easy and if you don’t get the desired one then it gonna tough for you. But in all these we forget other side of aspect considering only our side. On the other side, it is also possible that your spouse would not get desired spouse or examiner has given you the mark more than you deserve. Moving further, after declaration of Result or after getting married- On having a look at your result as well as your spouse, people would imagine about you that if your result or spouse is ‘A’ then then you would also be similar to ‘A’. But when you both are compared in practical life then it might be similar or might not be similar. If it is similar then it’s OK but if it’s not similar then there may be two situation. First one may be that you would not have get desired result or spouse and another may be you would have get result more than you deserved or spouse not fitted to your personalty i.e. he/she would have not get desired spouse. In the first situation your real talent or you will have weighted over your result or spouse and in second situation you will have less respect compared to your result or spouse.

Above all , I insist you on one thing that it does not matter that what you get in result or how smarter spouse you get over you, the only thing matter is what you really are. Inspite of all the bone the rose is always considerable therefore believe in yourself not what supports you have.